Xerosploit Installation and basic Usage

Sampath Pendurthi
3 min readOct 23, 2020


Hello everone,Let’s try xerosploit to perform some basic network attacks using xerosploit.


Dowload the git from the here

go to the folder and run the install.py with python. and choose your operating system.

Xerosploit can’t run with python3 because when we look into the source code.it uses raw_input() function which is removed in python3. So we can’t run it with python3.If u want to run make changes to “raw_input” and “print”functions.change the “raw_input” to “input”.and add paranthesis to print function “print()”

once it installed let’s run it.


Run the xerosploit from the terminal.if any import errors,install the modules with pip(python).if pip is not installed we can’t install python-pip because it is removed from the kali repo.so i can’t be installed.So we can’t install it.without pip we can’t get the required modules.But there is a way .

change the directory to “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages”

copy all the packages with this command

“cp -r * /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages”

now we’ve successfully installed the xerosploit.


Run the xerosploit by the following command:


It will show our ipv4 and ipv6 addresses,Interface,gateway,Hostname and MAC Address.

Now to find out the devices that are currently connected to our network type


This will gives us the list of IP addresses That are connected to our network.So, “” is my victim pc and rest are my normal devices.You can choose any device if you want,but for demo purpose i’m using my windows machine as my victim.

Now select the target :

Now we’ve successfully selected our target.

Now let’s perform a port scan by using this command.

it shows that all the ports are closed.OK now let’s ping the victim to make sure that my victim is alive in the network.

ok we’ve a packet loss here due to the closed ports.Now let’s sniff the network traffic.

So this will load the network sniffer.This will capture the data that passes from the victim to the host.

let’s try to inject some html

Here i’ve created a small html file.

Now let’s inject this html page into the his browser.

Here is the output.

By using injectjs we can also inject javascript.and also we can do many more by using xerosploit. Practice once,u can easily understand tge xerosploit


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