WiFi Penetration using Aircrack-ng

Hello everyone,Let’s learn about WiFi Hacking.There are several methods and several tools to hack a wifi.You can find them all in github.Let’s begin with Requirements to hack a wifi.I’m going to hack a wifi which protected with WPA/WPA2.If it is WPS we can hack it with our android/ios mobile with ease,But WPA/WPA2 cannot be hacked in mobiles.It’s littlebit tough to hack

For Wifi penetration, Basic knowledge about Wireless network and how they communicate with eachother is required.Basically,wifi sends data in the form of packets.What we do here,we’ll capture a packet that going from client to access point asking for a connection.We’ll discuss it deeply in practice.

Wifi’s operate at different channels.So, before going to hack any wifi,we need to know some inforamtion about the access point we’re going to hack.To know that,we need to monitor the air traffic.

Let’s begin…For Wifi penetration we need linux machine,A wifi Adapter(i’m using panda wireless.Because i’m running it in virtual machine),

Note:If ur using a dual boot linux machine .be sure that your wireless card supports monitor mode and packet injection.


we need to set your wifi Adapter into monitor mode.To do that type the following commands in the terminal

Type “ifconfig” in terminal to know the interface of the wifi network. adapter.mine is wlan0.

“airmon-ng check kill” This will kills every process that your network card is processing.

“airmon-ng start wlan0” this will set yout network card in monitor mode.see the Below screenshot for more information.

To ensure that your network card is in monitor mode just type “airmon-ng” in the terminal gives you this:

we can see that interface name is wlan0mon.Ok now we’ve successfully done with it.Let’s go to next step.


Now we’re going to monitor the air-traffic.Let’s goo

type: “airodump-ng wlan0mon” this means “Dump all the air-traffic of the wlan0mon interface”

Above screenshot shows the Channel that wifi is working on ,BSSID,ESSID,Encryption type etc. “ANIL” is my target wifi and it is working on channel no.1 .Let’s monitor it’s traffic with the Following command:

“airmon-ng — bssid 98:DA:c4:42:e6:54 -c 1 wlan0mon -w /root/Desktop/wifi”

here BSSID and channel you can find them in above screenshot,and -w means write the captured data in .cap file.

NOTE:Do not stop the above monitoring process.

Ok we’ve started monitoring our target wifi.Ok Above screenshot says there are three devices that are connected to my target wifi.So Let’s disconnect them.Once they are disconnected,they will try to connect agian by sending req. packets which contains password hashes .Now we’ll capture the packet.Let’s goo..


Open a new terminal and type the following command.

“aireplay-ng -0 5 -a 98:DA:c4:42:e6:54 wlan0mon” This says ‘ send 5 deauthenticate packets to the accespoint to disconnect them all at once’

After sending the deauth packets.They will try to connect agian.

Now we’ve already monitoring the it’s traffic.now it will write show the WPA handshake like shown below

You can observe WPA handshake in top right corner.Now we’ll use this file to crack the password.


Now it’s time to create a wordlist.We also have default wordlists that comes with linux.but it will take lot of time for bruteforcing.Now i’m going to create a wordlist that contains only numbers.Once my uncle said that the password begins with 2.But i don’t know the remaining.Then i’ve decided to hack it and show you guys how to do it.It’s time to call crunch to handle the situation.

“crunch 8 8 -t 2%%%%%%% > pass.txt” This will create a numerical passwords that starts with 2 and have 8 digits.


Now it’s time to bruteforce the capture file to find the password.For bruteforcing we’ll use aircrack-ng to get the work done.
“aircrack-ng wifi-01.cap -w pass.txt”

It will start finding your password.

For me nearly it took 2hrs to get the password .now i can able to connect to that wifi.This is one of the method to hack wifi .We also have different methods we’ll discuss them in the coming writeup’s .

Happy Hacking👍

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Ethical Hacker,Dream chaser.

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Sampath Pendurthi

Sampath Pendurthi

Ethical Hacker,Dream chaser.

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